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the cutest boy in the entire world worth giving the entire world to and for. there is nothing is no one better.
"I love Derick with all my heart." "Derick is the love of my life."
by shadowcloneaxb October 26, 2008
Possibly the greatest thing created by god him self, aka gods child
Boy:Hey did you here about derick
Boy:I heard he ended world hunger
by derick lopez January 20, 2009
A Derick is a person who has a heart of gold, they may get drunk often and take random drugs at concerts but they will always have your back. Derick is highly promiscuous, and shows little restraint when presented with food, drugs, alcohol, or men. While he may seem nice he has the potential to be twofaced, however, once a Derick sees you as a priend or ally, he is incredibly loyal and nothing except betrayal would make him stray from the path of friendship. Overall a good person to be your friend, and a terrible person to have for an enemy.
"That Derick talks shit about everyone, but it's ok because he'll still keep your secrets"
by crunchabunch March 27, 2013
Likes to have sex with artsy girls that live in his dorm area
Is sterile so he has sex all the time so he can't get em prego
have 500 accents
Guy 1: Damn that derick is a whore
Guy 2: nahhhhh he can't help that he is derick. sterile ya know?
Guy 3: duuuuuddde lucky he can have all the sex he wants.
by FreeSnickers October 06, 2011
spots with pussy white heads, often found in clusters. DO NOT EAT. Usually associated with eric or norman
Geffrey is covered in dericks, they show through his catsuit when he runs.
by boc, boc, boc on a tree November 30, 2003
a noun.

"mushroom soup"
"would u like to add on a derick to what you're having?"

"derick would compliment that splendidly."

"derick is on special today only $2.95 gst inc."
by yidaco February 12, 2009
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