1) American slang (circa 1990s) for a pair of tight, short-cut blue-jean shorts worn by women to emphisize their legs and buttocks. Eponymously derived from the clothing worn by the character Daisy Duke on the popular(?)80s hicksplotation show _The Dukes of Hazzard_.
2) British rhyming slang for shoes. Derived from boots (shoes)= daisy roots, shortened to daisies.
1) "Man, those daisies are so tight on her ass they must've been painted on."
2) "Check out the flash daisies I got. I found 'em in the tube on a dead buskerwho was lying next to a broken guitar and a sheaf a' sheetmusic labeled 'The Best of Stryper'..."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
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the coolest, most awesome,talented?,nicest girl ever..
by Daisy February 27, 2005
her... the one.... stands out as being your perfect girl as soon as you first see her
shes a daisy lads... a daisy
by Denis Cahill September 06, 2006
a Daisy. The girl who stands out from the rest of the girls. A creative, talented, short, and cute female who is extremely huggable and a chick who has a short temper who will rip your balls off and make you eat them. Although a female can be demonic, she is sweet and always there for her friends.
"Dude. Who's that chick down the hallway?"

"Thats Daisy. You can see her from a mile away, but be careful not to piss her off!"
by xxSmexxiyan December 09, 2009
In the late 19th century "daisy" was a common slang term for "the best in it's class." So for "daisy" just substitute "the best" and you'll have it. It was a short-lived idiom and doesn't seem to be popular much after 1890.
"Now ain't that a daisy!"
Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday - Tombstone
by kilo February 23, 2005
The most amazing person you will ever meet. She is beautiful and sweet and SKINNY. She is heartbreakingly beautiful and as sweet as sugar. She is my best friend and I would do anything for this amazing person. :]
Daisy, you're amazing.
by Daisy'sWorstEnemy. May 18, 2009
An outgoing, fun girl. Not the kind of girl people assume her to be. Don't judge this book by it's cover.
Guy 1: "She's such a slut."

Guy 2: "Nah, she's just a Daisy."
by JohnnyHopkins March 17, 2009
A verry cool person to hang out with the best to hang out with.She will always be there if you have a problem.

ex:have a problem ask Daisy
by shorty6184 January 01, 2009

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