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(v/n): When two or more guys try to flirt with only one girl, at the same time.
I saw such a daggle fest today." "No way, who was it?" "Shane, Stephen, Luc and Zack were all daggling and trying to spit on some girl today." "Wow, what a daggle fest."
by May 31, 2011
A group of Douchebags. If three or more douchebags get together they are known as a daggle.
You are at a bar and you see 5 guys sitting at a table they are clearly douchebags then you are looking at a daggle of guys.
by The Jman 18 January 16, 2009
All encompassing events having to do with sex or sex related activites.
I am going to daggle with her later. Dude we daggled for a little, but I got pretty tired and left.
by Danny September 29, 2003
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