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when one has pain from shitting after a long night of drinking and eating bar food.
friend#1 -"I need an ice-pack"
friend#2 -"WHAT!, why?"
freind#1 -"i got a case of the daggers from that Natty Light last night!"
by ScottT May 01, 2006
in basketball when a player is on a fast break with no one in front of him but pulls up behind the 3 point line and shoots it, yelling "DAGGER!" as they shoot. (it only works if you make it)
i shot a dagger in my basketball game yesterday.
by donworryboutit!!!!! July 29, 2008
A grown man who acts like a child.
An act of immatuerity.
An attempt of trying to look better than another.
That dude is a real DAGGER.
Stop spamming "Whoz yo daddy" because it makes you look like a DAGGER.
by SlasH February 24, 2003
1. Something that happens that is grossly unplanned.

2.An action that kills anothers chances of a good outcome.
1. Jeff: My girlfriend cought me making out with her sister.

Chris: Dagger

2. Texas just scored another touchdown, that is a dagger for USC.

by JMac731976 April 30, 2006
1)when a large problem is covering your life
2) when you are shocked or hurt by something someone has said.
Wow, my cat died, thats a dagger.

lisa: "you suck at life"
Bob(offended) "dagger!"
by megzoggie February 08, 2006
a slang term or abreviation for Dark African nigger. Refers to person whose skin is extremly dark.
White guy 1: Holy fuck a black hole run!!!
white guy 2: No, that's just another dagger.
White guy 1: Then get him the fuck out of here before he steals my watch!
by Rim Jobs February 25, 2008
A phrase to be shouted at a party when someone is either verbally insulted or beaten in a recreational game in front of a large group of people.
Willy you got worked in beer pong, DAGGER!!
by scott skeez October 14, 2007