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To perform a backshot, you gotta screw somebody from behind, bareback. either hole will do. Now, when you pull out instead of blowin it internal-like, and jizz on her back, THAT'S a backshot.

A good one will hit her hair, a great one will hit the far wall.
Watch any generic white people porn, and I'm sure you'll get a great example in no time.
by Zemek1s June 25, 2005
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of caribbean origin... the act of sex with a woman from behind. traditionally referred to as doggystyle. heigtened pleasure when the girl turns her face to look at you
i flipped she over and gave her the back shot
by bigdan August 20, 2005
Doggy style
by jrise September 17, 2003
When your girl is laying on her stomach, legs together while you thrust in and out of her vagina.
Very tight, and also causes maximum penetration/movement with the least effort.
right before you jizz, flip your girl over (if she's on her back) for some wonderful backshots.
by Bill Bine December 22, 2004
a sexual act; to "hit it from the back"; doggy style
"Givin' her back shots and got money out the ass" 50 Cent (Missy's Work It Remix)
by chynabell2003 October 01, 2003
thrusting in and out while performing doggystyle.
yo, that girl had me crazy off the backshots lastnight
by pockets April 29, 2003
From Caribbean decent, the term backshots refers to when a dude is fucking a broad doggystyle and she does all the work.

The man stays still while in the doggystyle position and the woman moves her ass forwards and backwards to move his dick in and out of her pussy. In turn the man is able to sit back and fondle with the woman's breasts or what ever sick fetish he may fancy.
" Yo mannn, fuckin got madd backshots from Shawna last night night yoooo "
by StuRuffs January 02, 2010

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