Originally a Caribbean name for a black man's erect penis. From "daggering" - rough sex or dry humping.
I bedded the most talented man in Jamaica - you should have seen how well he worked his dagger.
by Morpheus II October 31, 2011
The term used for a person who constantly, and for no reason, brags about his dick.
John: "Wait, how do you know how big ted's dick is?"
Jill: "He randomly send pics of it to girls."
John: "What a fucking dagger."
by Rivaslovesmexico August 18, 2010
Noun: A short but really awesome bladed weapon

Adjective: incredibly awesome, rad, or bad ass

Verb: To do something that is incredibly awesome, rad, or bad ass
Buster: Guess what happened yesterday?
Chaston: What?
Buster: This guy tried to mug me, but I stabbed him in the neck with my dagger.
Chaston: Whoa! That's dagger!
Buster: I know. I totally daggered him.
by superfreakfish March 27, 2010
1. (n) A double-edged weapon between 4 and 10 inches in length; similar to a knife, which is distinguished by having a single edge.
a. Any bladed weapon shorter than 12" in length; this is not historically accurate, however: A main gauche (pronounced 'mayn go-sh'), the traditional off-hand accompaniment to light swords such as the rapier, is an example of a knife which has been heralded as a dagger throughout history.
2. (n) A character from the Playstation video game 'Final Fantasy IX' by Square. 'Dagger' is a cover identity; she is otherwise known as Garnet, Princess of Alexandria. Her true name is Sarah.
3. (n) (slang) A man who is said to have an unusual love for dag, in the slang sense of semen.
4. (n) A person with the job of removing and/or cleaning dag from sheep.
"You just stabbed me with a dagger, which is unmistakably not a knife!"
"Dagger's cute butt is shown during summoning sequences. It's especially nice after she cuts her hair."
"Check out the dagger! He's eating dag again."
"An example of a shitty job is that of a dagger."
by Avelon August 11, 2005
A pejorative term used to describe an individual of both Italian and (black)African heritage. The term is a hybrid of the terms "dago" and "nigger".
Ron "I am having a hard time putting my finger on Jason's ??"

Scott " His mom is a straight-up guinnea, and his dad is some big, fucking black dude..."

Ron "So he's a fucking dagger!!?? No wonder he beats his wife!!"
by Timmy the Hutt March 05, 2011
Noun. Another word for a blunt, zig-zag, or joint. Invented in Pacifica, California.
Stoner: Hey, you got any daggers?
by PinkFloydJunkie June 05, 2009
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