(dagg-er)-n- A rowdy, wild, and crazy looking and acting man. Could possibly be a criminal and/or feisty. They usually have a mullet or shaved head and some type of grouchy facial hair. Appear to be very rough around the edges.

They are most likely to be found in an Australian Crime Group, European Criminal Squad, Southeastern USA Fighting Team, or Irish Junkie Clique.
1. (Being a Dagger) Dagger: Oi, I'm from an Australian Crime Group, I'm robbin ye!

2. (Looking like a Dagger) Brother 1: Dude look I got a mullet! Isn't it sweet?

Brother 2: Gross man, you just look like a dagger now.
by My Brother Is A Dagger January 06, 2009
means something is cool, awesome
oh my god! Those shoes are so dagger!
by extremecinabunz December 04, 2013
A male or female who has the appearance or personality of someone coming from Dagenham. Often used as an insult by those in the surrounding areas.
Girl: Ya 'rite darling, ya mates bare butters but you are looking chung.
Boy: I'm afraid I may have to leave your company this instance, for you are bare Daggers.
by UnfortunateInstancesOfPains June 15, 2009
Originally a Caribbean name for a black man's erect penis. From "daggering" - rough sex or dry humping.
I bedded the most talented man in Jamaica - you should have seen how well he worked his dagger.
by Morpheus II October 31, 2011
The term used for a person who constantly, and for no reason, brags about his dick.
John: "Wait, how do you know how big ted's dick is?"
Jill: "He randomly send pics of it to girls."
John: "What a fucking dagger."
by Rivaslovesmexico August 18, 2010
Originated at Pine River Institute Rehab in 2009.
Means you got fucked over in one way or another.
Along the same lines as being 'chinced out'.
Yo man they found my weedz....fuckn dagger
YO DAGGGGGER Russel is working today!

Russel: You are stage dropped
Rehab kid: FUCK! , this man is throwing dags
by randomsketchbag June 26, 2009
A reply to an insult, usually exclaimed by a third party witness to one person insulting another, praising something particularly crafty or well thought out. Often referencing the use of an inside joke, or something of a private nature between the people conversing.
Person (A) says a witty "Your Mom" joke, insulting Person (B)'s mother. Person (C) exclaims; Damn dude, that's a dagger!
by oOFROGGEROo February 20, 2014

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