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Term for being high on Dextromethorphan. Dexing on high enough doses (600-1000mg) is an easy way to leave this planet for awhile. Dexing in the dark helps in achieving this effect. Much lower doses (250-500) will make for a much lighter, more euphoric social high.
Dexing is fun! i once fell into space while dexing!
by punk77 December 01, 2009
Term for being high on diphenhydramine.
i was so fuckin diphed last night! i swear i saw someone crawling out of a mirror!
by punk77 December 03, 2009
short for the drug Dextromethorphan. Found in OTC cough syrups as well as being sold in tablet and capsule forms. When used recreationaly however, it can cause intensely exciting trips that more than likely will cause you to try it again.. and again.. and again.. and again.
DXM is fun! i tripped on 2 bottles of delsym. i was in another fuckin world!
by punk77 December 01, 2009

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