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3 definitions by hovx248

Dissociative drug (dextromorphan hydrobromide) found in cough medicine that can produce intense hallucinations and out of body experiences with high doses. Found in Robitussen Maximum Stength and Contac Cough Caps (pure DXM; no additives. Not available in the US, but found in Canada)
'You wanna trip on DXM?'

Its hard to give an example as it is a street term for a drug, not slang for an action per say.
by hovx248 March 27, 2004
marijuana smoke blown in your eye or eyes causing drying, burning and/or general discomfort
"aaaw, geeez..eyetoke, man."
by hovx248 January 23, 2004
a cigerette
origionating in Oakville, Ontario, but has spread to burlington and surrounding suburbs.
hey, you got an extra boon?
by hovx248 December 11, 2005