Driving While Ancient
DWA is the act of driving well past your prime, and not having anyone in your family take your keys away from you; being old, and driving so poorly that other drivers on the road assume you're Driving While Asian until they get a look at you
by Rivets O'Neil August 27, 2013
Top Definition
Driving While Asian- 1. A term often used to refer to the sub-par and/or non-existent driving skills of Asians. DWA is especially prevalent in San Francisco and various "Chinatowns" throughout the country's largest cities. 2. (verb) physical act of an Asian person having control of a moving motor vehicle.
Conversation in sqaud car...

Partner 1: "Watch this guy in front of us. Look how he's swerving. I think he's drunk!"

Partner 2: "No, he's just DWA."
by Christine Lebanon December 27, 2004
Driving While Asian - You're on the 405 or 101 and notice a car going 20 MPH in the passing lane, and changes lanes quickly and without using the blinker. The driver is oblivious to the rest of the drivers.
"Watch out when you pass that car, the way the driver is acting, she must be DWA"
by Wilfredo September 18, 2005
Driving While Asian. When you Drive, and are Asian. Can be characterized by driving very poorly. Driving too slow, not using turn signals, missing stop signs, etc....
Similar to DUI
Child: Dad! why are we going so slow?
Dad: Son, it's not my fault! this person in front of me is Ridiculous. They must be DWA!
by Pokamp18 June 25, 2009
Driving While Asian -- particularly bad driving
Did you see that massive DWA back there? That guy cut over 4 lanes.
by skank January 12, 2003
Driving While Asian is when you get profiled/pulled over for being Asian when the cop is racist. Play on DWB (Driving While Black)
Hey why did you get pulled over, what were you doing wrong?
Nothing man, the cop pulled me over for a DWA.
by GXJ October 08, 2015
DWA: driving while asian. major offense. very dangerous.
General Kung Pao Wonton Tso Chicken got into a car and killed 54 people. He was DWA.
by urbandictionaryaddict June 09, 2009
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