Direct Writting Assesment.
-GAHH! I hate DWA!
-Me too!
by im a nerd October 19, 2004
Acronym meaning Down With Acronyms. Ironic because DWA is, infact, an acronym.
<Person 1> OMFG LMAO BBQ!

<Person 2> um, DWA.
by bigwigs August 19, 2005
Dismissed Without Evidence
From Hitchen's Razor.

"That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." - Christopher Hitchens
Useful when facing a barrage of unsubstantiated claims
Call me what you like because your claim is DWA.
by BalancedOpinion December 20, 2015
Driving While Asian is when you get profiled/pulled over for being Asian when the cop is racist. Play on DWB (Driving While Black)
Hey why did you get pulled over, what were you doing wrong?
Nothing man, the cop pulled me over for a DWA.
by GXJ October 08, 2015
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