Don't Worry About. DWA is an acronym.
Boy1: Dude, i swear i will you hunt you down and kill you, what's your name?
Boy2: DWA my name, all you need to know is that if you ever come up to me again I'll call the cops on your ass"

Girl: Do you have a condom?
Boy: DWA a condom, i'll pull out.
by mjprinceofpop December 02, 2010
pronounced : duh-wah

Can be used in conversation when you are just about to tell someone something and then decide to not tell them so once you say "dwa" it stops them going on about it and whining to you about it.
It's like a counteract to Tealeaf
Hollie: oh hey guess what..
Kari: what what?
Hollie: oh wait no dwa
Kari: Damn.
by sxcbitch123 October 26, 2008
Drinking While American
Simply because people from the new world can not handdle alcohol ...
European 1 : " Wow man look, this guy is sooo hammered"
European 2: " Naah ... He's just DWA, you'll get use to it here !
by occi31 June 22, 2011
Drinking while alone

Committing the act of being trashed while by yourself

See also: D.W.A.N.E- Drinking While Alone on New Years Eve

The act of being so pathetic that you are alone and drinking on New Years Eve
"Hey did you see Tex on New Years Eve?"
"Ha! Hell no I didn't! You know his pathetic ass was sitting at home with a DWA on New Years!
by Punkrckrmommy December 31, 2010
Diesel Whores of America
yall, im part of the DWA
by Jorden Patterson May 15, 2008
Drunk without alcohol.
Bob: Haha, whoa! Look how fast I run!
Phil: dude, you're DWA...
by da definition September 22, 2007
1. a word you use to shut someone down when they're talking a lot and annoying you, and you dont want to dignify them with a response.

2. a word used to describe a feeling of misery, boredom, or otherwise blah-ness.
1) person 1. "like omg I was walking yesterday and like I stepped in some gum and like I was really pissed off and then I decided to play in traffic and then and then and then like omg isn't that just like amazing?"
person 2. "Dwa."

2) person 1. "how are you today?"
person 2. "...dwa...."
by Emu November 15, 2004

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