Dialing under the influence. When you check your cell phone after a big night of drinking to find you’ve called all the wrong people.
You've D.U.I'd your ex, her mother, bestfriend, whoever you really would not call when your sober.
by brcic September 01, 2008
Driving Under the Influence. This is a couple BAC points down from DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). While you probably shouldn't do this,what many people don't remember is the old saying, "Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, and you're clear to steer."
Bob: I hear you got busted by the cops again last night.
Al: Yeah, it wasn't that bad, though.
Bob: What, DUI? THAT'S BAD, Al!!
by Al December 02, 2003
Driving Under the Influence--popular amongst teenagers
Did you hear about Mark? He got a DUI!
by Jane November 13, 2003
DUI - dialing under the influence. Someone who makes obnoxious calls to friends after having too much to drink
I just got a call from John. I think he's DUI tonight
by beachguy1469 September 24, 2010
Your Screewd!
Is that a cop behind us? "whoop whoop" oh shit.
by Skipster March 14, 2004
(Dee'-you-aye) mod english, punctuation omitted, n., 1) a substiute for a powerful sports car; 2) substitute for racing lessons; 3) a driving technique, esp., for middle aged white men who "drive better drunk than most people do sober" that is useful in getting home before the wife figures out that you're porking the secretary.
One the forth DUI, you might get to be some niggaz bitch!
by Hoze April 24, 2004
When you drunkenly dial your friends, ex boyfriends, parents etc. when you're shit-faced and you feel the need to let them all know that they pissed you off, or simply that you love em, bottom line you most likely won't remember aka "Dialing under the influence"
"On the way home from the bar last night I totally made a DUI to my ex and told him what an ass he was. I swore I was never gonna call him again, oops."
by Laura Pizzuto June 02, 2004

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