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An otherwise nice automobile that has been either neglected, beaten up, poorly maintained, or has fallen victim to tasteless modification not befitting the original car.
"Check out the classic 911 over there, so awesome"

-"Dude, it looks good from here but we had it in the shop yesterday. It leaks like a sieve, rust underneath, and someone tracked the heck out of it a while back... straight ratball"
by MJC90 June 11, 2008
Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft

DTM refers to the German touring car race series held in the mid-80s through mid-90s. After being disbanded in 96 the series was re-established in 2000. The original series is analogous to the current BTCC and WTCC series, whereas the newer series feature more radically modified cars.
The Schnitzer Motorsport M3s and AMG Racing 190s dominated DTM back in the day.
by MJC90 June 10, 2008

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