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A fraternity of total burnouts, douche bags, and tools who think they are sweet. All they care about is getting wasted and completely fail in their poor attempts to get laid.They think they are the best and no one likes or respects them. They are known at KSU for being "So Fag" and not accepting the fact they they are a pack of fudge-packing cunts. Their most flamingly homosexual chapter lies within Kent State University.
Greg: Hey man, look at those fags who keep getting rejected!
Mike: Its the Sigma Tau of Kent State, I heard they suck dick, literally!
Ryan: I saw one of them giving another dude in their frat a handjob!
Mike: Doesnt surprise me, let's beat the shit out of them!
All: YEAH!
by dontturnintoadoosh October 28, 2010
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