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Dirty South Rydaz is an undeground rap group originating from D-town (Dallas). Members consist of Big Tuck, Tum Tum, Double T, Fat Bastard, Lil Ronnie, Addiction, and Lil Nick. DSR's earlier work focuses on taking beats from popular rap songs, chop and screwing them, then wrecking shop flowing to them. Check out the latest at
"Man, hold up! DSR got dis bitch sowed up! Make them boys lay it down, haters move around, we tha throwdest click representin D-town!"
by Mike Beezy May 28, 2005
Stands for "delayed spewing reaction syndrome", occurs normally for those who drink, but unnaturally don't spew on the same day they drink, but the next day, or extremely delayed
J: Are you okay, are you feeling alright?
W: No, not really, I just had a case of DSRS
J: Oh that's gotta be bad, I hope you get better soon
by Wendy Ng June 24, 2007
1. Dick Sucking Robot
Tom: Did you see her?
Nancy: Ya, shes a DSR.
by faxman33456 August 14, 2010
Deal.Steal.Rob. originating from the Cen-Cal area (Hanford) its pretty self explanatory

"DSR man Are You Down?"
by Joe "Spaded" Jacobs May 17, 2007
Acronym for "dead sewer rat".
Hey Dee, check out that dsr in the Lincoln Park lagoon!
by secretsquirrel February 01, 2005
Down Syndrome Retard
Peson A: Who is that kid over there
Person B: He's such a DSR, he didn't even come to class
by Posty187 October 14, 2005
Very Canadian and bad at English.
What a DSR.
by Soup June 30, 2003

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