1. short for "Dick Sucking Machine". used primarily as an insult
2. short for "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual" of mental disorders. can be seen in the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"
Alex: Whoever helped u pick your colors must be a DSM

Gamer 1: dude, you just got pwned
Gamer 2: STFUDSM

(excerpt from "The Exorcism of Emily Rose") Lawyer: SUMMON THE DSM!!
by jollygiant August 22, 2006
Devoures Shitloads of Money
Dude..I cant even put anymore loot into this DSM cause its running 16's.
by Maggie K May 08, 2005
There's a reason why DSMs have a bad reputation.
by miathyria March 03, 2005
First used by the boys from the band Lik-Wid (www.lik-wid.net) DSM meaning Dead Set Maniac.
Mik - Hey man, fuck that guy from weekend at bernies is funny as.

Ryan - Yer man he is a DSM
by Ryan September 14, 2004
Down Syndrome Megan.
Yo, did you see that girl get owned like DSM does?
by Hippies Suck April 23, 2005
Des Moines capital of iowa
I'm goin to Des Moines look on a damn map
by richard Spencer April 10, 2004
A telemarketer that continually uses the words Dude, Stuff, or Man during a phone conversation
DSM kept kept calling the same business with no luck
by shadow October 08, 2003

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