A telemarketer that continually uses the words Dude, Stuff, or Man during a phone conversation
DSM kept kept calling the same business with no luck
by shadow October 08, 2003
Down syndrome monkey
I made out with a guy he looked like a down syndrome monkey
by Elle May 17, 2004
Q: What do you get when you combine the lowest quality American carmaker (Chrysler/Mopar) with the lowest quality Japanese carmaker (Mitsubishi)? A: An over-styled, unreliable, fast-depreciating sled. Diamond Star Motors is no more. Maybe Mercedes can help Chrysler actually improve the function of their cars instead of just the garish styling.
Isn't it strange that I know at least 7 girls I went to high school with drove Mitsubishi Eclipses, but none of them lasted 100K miles? Oh, well. Some Japanese decals will add at least 150hp. Try that with a Chevy!
by Cliff September 11, 2004
{DSM} means dick sucking mouth for all you hoes in the world.
Bitch stop criticizing me with your {dsm}.
by Saucygirl123456 July 31, 2016
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