Dam Sick Machine

A DSM is a powerful little car that breaks down a lot, is very unreliable, eats your money, but creates a certain bond with its owner like no other car on the planet. A DSMer takes great pride in there unreliable cars because they would have it no other way.
Well my endlinks broke, no wonder there was a recall on them. My A/C and P/S doesnt work. The car broke down on me today and most people thinks its a piece of shit, the truth is, I wouldnt give up my DSM for the world.
by dsmkid87 August 05, 2008
dump, shower, masturbation
I was bored so i decided to take dsm.
by bigdaddy22 May 08, 2010
Down Syndrome Midget. A little special person. A person who has down syndrome, and who is also a midget.
"Shirly is one HOT DSM!" "Yeah, so is that chick from Little People, Big Planet!"
by Esteef April 05, 2009
Making a geek/loser in a full nelson and make them imitate the sucking their own dick.
When you put someone in a full nelson you basically break their back by making them look like their suckin their own johnson. Makes the dork feel like a pussy and a clown do it to a annoying ass kid at school and you'll be sure to get a laugh and definitely some respect.

Also make sure you yell out DSM, DSM, DSM while your doing it.
by ridinwitmytopdown December 26, 2010
Dirty Sexy Money, the American drama set in New York City. It's about the Darlings, who are really rich. It came to E4 in England in 2008.
"Hey! You watching DSM tonight? Karen's gonna try to steal Nick off Lisa!"
"Hell yes!"
by Sue... May 12, 2008
Doesn't Stay Moving aka: Diamond-Star Motors.
Dude: Ya I had an Eclipse but ya the motor blew up.
Girl: So what motor is in it?
Dude: a DSM.
Girl: what does that stand for, Doesn't Stay Moving?

by She Burns May 28, 2007
The DSM is a gang that was originally created to combat the A-TONY, but was unsuccessful. DSM stands for ‘Down Syndrome Massive’ and now after it’s defeat by the A-TONY, the DSM now focuses it’s attention on mocking people with both mental and physical disabilities; even though all the members of this group…have at least one disability of this kind.
"Man those DSM members really are a big fucking bunch of spastic twats, specially that botty"
by A-TONY Member November 09, 2006
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