girl w/ lucsious lips perfect for sucking a dik, whether it be big or small
Carlo: Damn that girl has DSL!
Me: No doode she has dial compared to my gf lu
by riptorn January 19, 2008
Stands for Dick Sucking Lips, lips that are excellent for preforming fellatio.
Wow, that hottie has mad dsl, I'd like to get a hummer from her.
by renton August 29, 2004
Dick-sucking lips. Describes full, soft, larger-than-strictly-necessary lips that one can assume would be best suited to sucking dick.
Anon: Guys, can you help me with this drawing? He looks way too feminine for some reason. :/
Critic: He's got DSL, bro.
by Skullllllll April 20, 2010
contraction for Dick Sucking Lips.
That girl Gaytha sure has some nice DSLs.
by bread infection December 07, 2009
dsl mean you have Dick Sucking Lips
Damn that girl got dsl!!!!!!!!
by dbone February 03, 2006
D ick
S ucking
L ips
Man, did you see that hoe.. she got some dsl!
by Jon January 26, 2005
Dick Sucking Lips
guy 1- dude that chick has DSL

guy 2-yea man wouldn't mind gettins some of her DSL
by satanshelper February 05, 2009

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