Dick Sucking Lips
damn girl you got some D.S.Ls
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
Dick Sucking Lips
Full luscious lips that look as though their sole purpose is to be around your member.
Guy 1: Oh damn! look at how hot that girl is.
Guy 2: I know and she has total DSL. I want those lips around my cock sooo bad.
by The romeo February 07, 2009
Dick suckin lips used in sexual means
Dat bitch got some D.S.L.'s!!
by Jerald Wolff October 20, 2005
A colloquial phrase used to refer to someone's lips. Usually because they are nicely shapped or plump. Literally: Dick sucking lips.
Many porn stars have nice D S Ls.
by Matt Cutler January 23, 2006
A womans lips so sexy that your dick gets hard just by looking at them
Angelina Jolie has great DSL's
by mat67 April 04, 2009
dick sucking lips
luscious lips
angelina jolie has some great dsl's
by Roger Templeton February 27, 2008
1.Digital Subscriber Line
2.Dick Sucking Lips
1.Person: "I finally have dsl in my house now...fuck that shitty dial-up."
2.Guy: "Man that Angelina Jolie sure has some fine looking dsl."
by Zeeky H. Bomb March 28, 2005

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