The street abbreviation for "Dick Sucking Lips".
Damn check out the DSLs on that shorty!
by JT November 11, 2003
Dick Sucking Lips
Wow, that chick has nice plump lips, those are totally DSL!
by Jay2324 February 07, 2009
Dick sucking lips
that girl has D.S.L's
by Diggity February 02, 2004
dick sucking lips
that girl got some DSL's...
by leeshane ramos February 10, 2009
Dick Sucking Lips; A fine, plump pair of tasty lips that are best used for performing fellatio.
Dude 1: "Man, my girlfriend has some awesome DSL! I have her down on it constantly!"

Dude 2: "The internets?"

Dude 1: "No, you silly bitch! Dick sucking lips!"
by ikarimaru August 05, 2008
dick sucking lips - lips that are good for sucking dick
Gina alinellio has some bad ass DSL
by mike & allyn March 12, 2005
a female with dick-suckin-lips!!
Damn... you see that got DSL
by Chris February 21, 2005

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