DSL is an abbreviation for Dick Sucking Lips.
Horny Guy #1: Look at them dsl's on her!
by DLorH January 28, 2009
Dick Suckin Lips basically.
"Dayummmm.. she had great DSL"
by tufyguhj November 09, 2006
1. Dick Sucking Lips
1. I know you want my lips around your dick.
2. Dayumm! that girl got some DSL's!
by Jennifer<333 August 02, 2008
Dick Sucking Lips
Megan Fox has DSL.
by mychemicalromancerules! July 21, 2009
High speed internet
My husband prefers DSL.
by yeaheyeahheyeahhPaige February 21, 2009
It translates to Dick Sucking Lips
I wish Angelina Jolie's dsl's would suck my dick bro!
by chicooo April 04, 2008
D: Dick

That Girl had the Best DSL !
by ChinkkO9 June 26, 2009

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