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Deputy of Fun (D.O.F.) - one who controls all the jokes and puns around these parts.
Mike Callahan("My Boys")-"Can I be the D.O.F.?"
by +he R3c0rd3r August 07, 2008
5 3
A person who is not techno savvy nor understands geek.
A person who gives a blank expression when spoken to about technical, computer or geeky stuff.

an adjective describing a blank expression

cf. dom: Afrikaans word for stupid
She had that dof look on her face when I explained the theory of relativity to her.

He was a total dof. He did not even grasp the basics of warp field technology
by viperx June 05, 2013
1 0
the term used for petting one persons bottom. aka ass. aka rumpus. aka pwning the ass
i will dof the shit out of you if you dont get that thing out of my face.
by mikefinbaldy March 09, 2011
2 1
A slang word for alien hunter
by M4dof December 16, 2013
0 0
Deceiver of Friends
Did you hear Scott is banging that chick, after he said he would never do that again? What a total DOF!
by Jack Slamher February 08, 2010
6 8
Dog On Fire
girl on period: IT'S BECAUSE YOUR FACE

Boyfriend: .....OMG MY DOG IS ON FIRE TTYL

girl: yeah GTFO

Dog on fire, dof.
by BIGASIANBASTARD December 22, 2009
3 11
Stands for Dirty Old Fucker.
Perving old men keen for some action.
Check out that Dof!
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
11 21