Deputy of Fun (D.O.F.) - one who controls all the jokes and puns around these parts.
Mike Callahan("My Boys")-"Can I be the D.O.F.?"
by +he R3c0rd3r August 07, 2008
A slang word for alien hunter
by M4dof December 16, 2013
A person who is not techno savvy nor understands geek.
A person who gives a blank expression when spoken to about technical, computer or geeky stuff.

an adjective describing a blank expression

cf. dom: Afrikaans word for stupid
She had that dof look on her face when I explained the theory of relativity to her.

He was a total dof. He did not even grasp the basics of warp field technology
by viperx June 05, 2013
the term used for petting one persons bottom. aka ass. aka rumpus. aka pwning the ass
i will dof the shit out of you if you dont get that thing out of my face.
by mikefinbaldy March 09, 2011
Deceiver of Friends
Did you hear Scott is banging that chick, after he said he would never do that again? What a total DOF!
by Jack Slamher February 08, 2010
Dog On Fire
girl on period: IT'S BECAUSE YOUR FACE

Boyfriend: .....OMG MY DOG IS ON FIRE TTYL

girl: yeah GTFO

Dog on fire, dof.
by BIGASIANBASTARD December 22, 2009
Stands for Dirty Old Fucker.
Perving old men keen for some action.
Check out that Dof!
by Anonymous September 26, 2003

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