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A DM is a dirty mexican that has a little fuzzy mustache and talks with an accent. He will Honk, yell or whistle at you when you walk by. Steer clear of all DM...aka Gardeners.
What a DM.
by nikkerboker May 31, 2010
7,2, dextromethorphan hydrobromide
A synthetic opioid analog. Closely chemically related to levomorphinan. Contained in cough syrups for use as anti tussive. Used recreationally at doses exceeding 100mg. Also known as ROBO deriv.fr.ROBitussin
Wendall's all cracked out on DM
by robotronic December 04, 2003
The absolute best fucking person that ever touched the earth and ever will. Everyone elses purpose on this earth is to help him. All people before him were created to help produce him. He is the epitamy of evolution. After he dies kill yourself becaues there is nothing else worth living for
DM is fucking awesome
by DM November 22, 2003
Dangerous Minority. Taken from Family Guy: "Guns don't kill people, dangerous minorities do." Used to speak around said types of people so as to not alert them to the fact that you are talking about them.
Dude this bar has a lot of DM's in it.

I know, WTF? Are we in SE or something?
by Jason Hooters April 01, 2009
Deathmatch. Used in some online games like Unreal Tournament. A type of competition where the winner is the one who kills more people.
He said to his friend: "Lest's play Deathmatch this time."
by José Jonas Bastos Souza Junior November 12, 2004
An abbreviation for the band "Depeche Mode".
DM has beautiful lyrics.
by Allora December 02, 2003
N: a short slang term for Dick Move
you stole my drink man! that was a DM...
by Apocalyptic Geist May 31, 2007