Dire Maul in World of Warcraft. New players may think it is also Deadmines, which is known as VC to more experienced players.
Need a priest for DM
by HalifaxGurly April 09, 2007
DM = Dominant Male.
Usually likes to take charge and lead situations. Saves defenseless girls from oncoming traffic, bushes, curbs and other obsticles. Is usually descisive.
She was lucky she had DM with her otherwise she may have fallen right over that shrub into oncoming traffic.
by DF March 31, 2005
Abreviation for "Drum Major", the on-field conductor found in drum and bugle corps and marching bands.
Watch the DM for tempo
by RRAAMMBB April 26, 2004
a roasting on someone, usually to insult or make the person feel like shit. Also to bring up the past or events that remind them of someone.
You fucked that whale?
dude, DM
by iaswean March 14, 2010
The leet COD Coder; xBot/FuRy maker. OpenGL coder
omfg dM your hacks rule!
by dM May 25, 2004
A DM is a dirty mexican that has a little fuzzy mustache and talks with an accent. He will Honk, yell or whistle at you when you walk by. Steer clear of all DM...aka Gardeners.
What a DM.
by nikkerboker May 31, 2010
7,2, dextromethorphan hydrobromide
A synthetic opioid analog. Closely chemically related to levomorphinan. Contained in cough syrups for use as anti tussive. Used recreationally at doses exceeding 100mg. Also known as ROBO deriv.fr.ROBitussin
Wendall's all cracked out on DM
by robotronic December 04, 2003

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