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Old unmarried woman. Not necessarily a virgin.
Khold's mother.
by DM January 09, 2004
Is the coolest friend alive, she is caring, funny and super loud!! She is a little Chomoru hoochie.
Man that girl is too cool, she is such a debra.
by DM January 11, 2005
one of the most innovative and original bands ever. described as the new At The Drive-In by many. They originated in the NW hardcore scene and now have an ever-growing following.
Tom:Sugar i'd come over but your coffee tastes like the clap.
Jerry:click, click, bang, bang, kiss the siamese gun click, click, bang, bang.
Max: The way you walk, you walk out of order. the way you talk, you talk out of tune.
by Dm September 12, 2004
thing or object (see also jaunt piece)
Get me that jaunt right there.
I forgot my jaunt back in my car.
by DM June 12, 2004
large groups of hipster guys (and their girls) with immaculately coifed johnny thunders hair.
I was gonna go down for the drink specials but the hair mafia was out in force.
by dm March 10, 2005
A hot girl who lives in Antioch
Rochel is so hot
by DM October 02, 2003
The first person sticks his or her fingers into a woman resembling the position of fingers in a bowling ball. Two fingers are inserted in the front, and the thumb in rear hole. Also known as the shocker position, except typically using the middle and ring finger, but then the first person *SNAPS* their fingers.
I thought Craig was pulling the shocker again last night, but it turned it into a viper bite.
by DM October 09, 2007

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