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used to describe someone complaining
Bill: I dont get paid enough to do this work!

Chris: Dude, go have a weineken!
by DF February 17, 2005
Slang term for a Falkland Islander as used by British Forces.They were banned from calling them bennies and now use the word {stills} ie still bennies.
Hello miss diane! Hello Benny!
by df September 19, 2004
Hoorj is an exclamation similar to "hai!" which is shouted by ninjas when they jump out at people. Hoorj originated in the comic strip Isometric, and has also been used in Pokey the Penguin.
You: Oh no! A ninja!
Ninja: HOORJ!
by df December 24, 2003
DM = Dominant Male.
Usually likes to take charge and lead situations. Saves defenseless girls from oncoming traffic, bushes, curbs and other obsticles. Is usually descisive.
She was lucky she had DM with her otherwise she may have fallen right over that shrub into oncoming traffic.
by DF March 31, 2005
A woman who thinks guys snogging guys is hot and so hangs out with them.
Yeah, my friend and his boyfriend are always being followed around by a herd of faghags.
by df February 13, 2003
Swedish 1337 all-knower.
That dread dude still rocks on Bnet?
by dF June 02, 2003
A kewl gaming cat. Long version is Okinesu, contracted from Tomo's nickname.
Hey man, wanna play some SC?
Yeah, let's get Oki in on it, too!
by dF September 20, 2004
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