dick lash
my friend got dl in the face.
by jake April 29, 2003
Code for the Devil's Lettuce or marijuana. Primarily used as a code by parents around their children indicating they would enjoy smoking some at a later point when the children are fast asleep.
Barbara had a heck of a day and was jonesing to blaze, so she asked her boyfriend Matt if he would be down with some D.L. later on to help quell her nerves.
by white trash tim May 06, 2009
Short for driver's license. Usually used by places that card you before service; sometimes used by the police.
Cop pulled me over, took my D.L. and looked at it for like 5 minutes. Thought I was in some deep stuff, but he mentioned I looked like a guy he went to school with.
by diddymuck April 22, 2008
n: dick lips sometimes refering to people who give head, people with big lips, or my friend H.O.C. ( who dosent do or have any of those things)
v: pussying out or not showing up when you say you will
Shit jigsie you best not pull another dl.
by narcaleptic buble January 01, 2004
down-low. secret, keep it quiet. keep a low profile.
"you're not using dope again are you?" "shit, yeah, yeah, but keep it on the DL aight?"

"this area's hot right now so when you're comin' through make sure you keep on the DL."
by L.K. November 20, 2003
abbrev. for "down low," as in "keep it on the down low," i.e. keep it quiet; mum's the word
I heard Chantuese though J was a hater til he showed her what a lover he could be. But I got that on the DL, so don't be broadcasting it.

by K February 12, 2003
(Down Low) keep it secret
Yo, i fucked my cousins girl without him knowing, keep it on the DL,yo
by Anonymous January 15, 2003
Download. To download music, movies, etc.
I'm just DLing some music.

Check out this movie I just DL'd.
by DaemonArts October 28, 2010
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