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A camel toe is the hoof of a camel. It is sometimes used to describe when a girls' pants are sucked into her crotch, most likely due to the striking similarities of a camels' toe and the vagina.
"A camel toe must be pretty buffed figuring all the sand it has to travel over in the desert."
by defgtyu August 07, 2006
The new nickame Alan Kalter, announcer of The Late Show with David Letterman, has given himself in place of "Big Red." This is usually when he uses his street talk to try to sound like a gangster and calls host David "DL".
"Hi, I'm Alan Kalter, TV's Uncle Jerry."
by defgtyu August 10, 2006
slang terms for inside information
"is that the straight poop?"
by defgtyu August 07, 2006
Initials of David Letterman, used by announcer of his show, Alan Kalter (tv's Uncle Jerry) when he implies his "street talk" into segments of the show.
"Thank ya very much, DL."
by defgtyu August 07, 2006

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