A "Dynamic Dike Duo," a cluster of two bitchy girls that everyone pretends to like.

Usually used around the subjects, so they don't know you're talking about them.
Shit, watch out. Here comes the DDD.
by subzenith November 24, 2007
DDD is a game that i used to play with my friends from town house. the point of the game is ding dong ditch where you go around throwing rocks at windows hitting windows or knocking on doors (or ringing door bell) then running As Fast As You Fucking Can.
Guy 1:Wanna go play DDD?

Guy 2:Fo' sho' nigga, let's go!
by DDDplayer June 15, 2007
1.)An abbreviation used for a common Arnold Schwarzenegger phrase “Don’t Do Dat.”

2.)Do not do that.

3.)A Phrase often said to the everyday “Gurly Mon”
"Dude this sissy keeps trying hit on my women." Tuff Guy
"Did you tell him the three d's (DDD)?" friend
"Of course, then I punched him the beak" Tuff Guy
by DerekForReal November 02, 2005
A drink, a dick, and a dancefloor
Friend: "I'm so stressed out by school."
Me: "Let's go out this weekend and find some DDD."

by Halitosis23 February 06, 2008
a phrase said bye Carlos Mancia meaning retard.
That guy is a DDD
by natedaschoolboy May 26, 2009

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