anything and everything that pertains to sex and/or sexual behavior
"hey david what are u going to do tonight?"
"dont know yet, i might go ddd some bitches... what about you tony?"
"well i was going to go get some cuddy from my niga sara but she said she wanted someone more ghetto and/or blk"
"oh.. tight"
"ddd hole"

by davidshrout May 31, 2007
DDD is a bastardization of dub-dub-dub which is a bastardization of WWW which is an acronym for World Wide Web which means the internet.
I guess WWW wasn't good enough... now there's DDD, does this seem like backward progress to anyone else?
by mobius October 12, 2004
1.)An abbreviation used for a common Arnold Schwarzenegger phrase “Don’t Do Dat.”

2.)Do not do that.

3.)A Phrase often said to the everyday “Gurly Mon”
"Dude this sissy keeps trying hit on my women." Tuff Guy
"Did you tell him the three d's (DDD)?" friend
"Of course, then I punched him the beak" Tuff Guy
by DerekForReal November 02, 2005
A drink, a dick, and a dancefloor
Friend: "I'm so stressed out by school."
Me: "Let's go out this weekend and find some DDD."

by Halitosis23 February 06, 2008
a phrase said bye Carlos Mancia meaning retard.
That guy is a DDD
by natedaschoolboy May 26, 2009
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