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1.) Fists.

2.)One's hands clenched tight together to form deadly weapons often called FISTS in order to defeat an advisary.

3.) The act of duking it out, to fight, to rumble, and / or lay the smack down thick.
"Put up your dukes, and lets rumble"

"Lets duke it out. first one to cry is a yancy pants."
by DerekForReal November 02, 2005
1.)An abbreviation used for a common Arnold Schwarzenegger phrase “Don’t Do Dat.”

2.)Do not do that.

3.)A Phrase often said to the everyday “Gurly Mon”
"Dude this sissy keeps trying hit on my women." Tuff Guy
"Did you tell him the three d's (DDD)?" friend
"Of course, then I punched him the beak" Tuff Guy
by DerekForReal November 02, 2005

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