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Dicks for dickless dudes.
i think we need to do somethe about this you know like make this into a charity, we could call it DDD:
by romero 763 October 07, 2011
Dedicated designated driver. Those people who just love to be DDs now have a term devoted to them! They'll always offer to drive and make sure you get home safe.
"I gotta go be the DDD and go pick up my drunken brother."

"You mean DD - designated driver?"

"Nah, I do it so much they call me Triple D."
by radmose September 30, 2011
1.Dress Down Day-A day of a month when your school or educational establishment lets you wear casual clothes to school (restrictions may apply and usually there is a theme) for a fee or free, but in other days of that month you have wear uniform.
2.Dumb<Dumbe<Dumber-A term used to describe a trio that thinks they're really smart but has one or more of the following(1)low IQ(2)low EQ(Emotional Quotient)(3)mental problem(s)(4)extremely violent behaviour(s).
1."Ouch, DDD is cancelled tomorrow."
2."What do you get when you cross George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Tony Blair?
Two idiots starts to laugh like hyenas.
by CBNSK July 05, 2007
also known as dirty dick disease. The throat infection that sometimes results after sucking (most often uncut) cock.
"Damn! I got a case of DDD after sucking all those cocks."
by marc1978 January 07, 2006
anything and everything that pertains to sex and/or sexual behavior
"hey david what are u going to do tonight?"
"dont know yet, i might go ddd some bitches... what about you tony?"
"well i was going to go get some cuddy from my niga sara but she said she wanted someone more ghetto and/or blk"
"oh.. tight"
"ddd hole"

by davidshrout May 31, 2007
DDD is a bastardization of dub-dub-dub which is a bastardization of WWW which is an acronym for World Wide Web which means the internet.
I guess WWW wasn't good enough... now there's DDD, does this seem like backward progress to anyone else?
by mobius October 12, 2004
an common condition faced by males across the world.
Simply put waking up with a boner
also see: morning wood
Ben thought his friends mom might notice his DDD
by knepski August 16, 2004