stands for ding-dong-duece;comes from the prank ding-dong-ditch. But instead you take a shit on someones porch then ring the doorbell then run and hide. The you wait for the unlucky son of a bitch to come out side and see the rawnchy shit,originated in wenatchee,washington.
Hey man did u here i D.D.D. his house last night?
by king duecer November 08, 2007
Designated Drunk Driver- A person who refrains from drinking while in a bar with a group of freinds, so that when he staggers out to his car (acting like he's completely hammered), that he parked right in front of the bar, he will draw the attention of any cops that may have their eye on the place. While he's doing this his drunk friends will be able to get in their cars (parked further from the bar) and not get pulled over.
Tom volunteered to be the DDD tonight, so if your planning driving tonight don't leave 'till after 1:30, that's when he'll be doing his part.
by roem June 15, 2012
Ding dong ditch
going to a different persons house ringing the door bell and running away

"dude lets going DDD my friends house tonight"
by Drew Peacocks69 February 27, 2012
stands for "Don't Do Drugs"
George: yo dude, whachya gonna do over the summer?
Jack: Party and drink. HAHA

George: LOL just remember, DDD!
by JCKL15 December 20, 2011
(adj.) Prounounced Dee-Dee-Dee this description of one who is stupid or has just committed an assinine act commonly includes the hand motion of a curved hand hittting your chest at the same time as you say each "D" it is almost always an insult
D-D-D idiot
by Tuwdburgaler December 23, 2008
A moronic person; an idiot; a retard.
President bush is such a d-dd!
by Kenos123 March 15, 2008
Designated drug dealer.

At parties where the host knows many guests will want to purchase and indulge in illicit substances, they will call a person who they trust or have a connection to to be the designated drug dealer for the night.
Dave: You the DDD?
Greg: Yea, what do you need?
by Cognidubnus August 10, 2011

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