Direct Boob Punch
Whoa he just DBP'ed her awkwardly...
by zwanson February 16, 2011
Double-Barreled Pussy. When you and a friend team-fuck a girl's booch.
Stephen: Hey, Mark, did yah hear? me and John DBP 'd Joleen last night!
Mark: DBP?
Stephen: Dude, Double Barreled Pussy...
Mark: ohh gotcha..
by Shibblleeee February 24, 2011
DᄋBᄋP (DEE-bee-pee)

1. the act of giving someone double butt penetration in either a heterosexual or homosexual way
2. two objects in one's anus simultaneously


to penetrate one's anus with two penises simultaneously
My asshole was sore after two African men raped him and gave him the act of DBP.


Male: I'm getting pretty hard....

Male 2: Yea dude me too.

Female: I'm down for some DBP, what about you guys?
by ymcaftw August 27, 2010
When a teacher or tutor decides to have the entire lesson by Microsoft's Power Point Presentation.

So much you turn brain dead from the boredom, un-able to take part in lesson activities or work after.
Jesus man! Robinson gave us like a 100 slide presentation, by the end of it I was DBP!
by Just Flame November 17, 2010
Don't be a pussy! A term used to comically berate people. The term "DBP" is often following by a crowd repeatedly chanting the word, slightly louder each time.
Little Jimmie refused to chug a rancid drink at the party and his friends started chanting, "dbp. DBP. DBP!!!"
by Stink-SF September 25, 2009
1.) Acronym for "Dont be a Poof!"

2.) An Indian.
DBP - See's something which someone has: "Gimme"

Other person: No.

DBP: Don't be a POOF.
by DBPoof July 21, 2009
Drunk/Dirty Bitch Party - Social event where girls tend to drink too much, they start doing crazy horny things like dancin topless, spillin beer over their tasty booties and givin free blowjobs. Usually ends when all them get totally KO by drinkin, or fuckin...
Frank: OMG, Rosie showed off her bombastic headlights on last Friday´s DBP!
Randall : Yo sucka, yo mamma gimme that juicy blowjob, same DBP
by Yo Daddy, bitch! February 10, 2005

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