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fupa; an ass on the opposite side of the body, usually on a fat woman. This means that their vagina looks exactly like a second butt in the front.

Charlie's mom IS double butt.
One day we saw Charlie's mom in spandex pants and since then everyone calls her "Double Butt."
by Grembline Spear May 21, 2005
When over weight people pack on the back fat causing to fat lumps over the existing butt, creating a double butt. Can be shortened to DDB's.
Those love handles are so big they looped around to a bigass Double Butt
by JayEmm13 August 10, 2009
when a person where's a panty or pantylike pants that are two small for them and in the back only go half way over the butt cheek and makes a creast or fold in their butt.this giving them a double butt
Look at Amber with her double butt in her bikini.Ewww
by iPerson XD March 06, 2009
fupa; a fatass on the oppsite side of the body
that old lady has a double butt
by [myg0t] Nightmare November 18, 2003
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