short for Dumbledore's Army, as made up by Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Cho: When's the next DA meeting?
Hermione:Check your enchanted Galleon you crybaby moron!
by bjmart June 29, 2005
Expressing contempt for the obvious or the stupid.
Da!...Don't we always go this way?
Da!...That was a dumb thing to say.
Varations: daa, dah, doy, a-da, a-doy, da-ah

These varations were all very popular in the 70's. "Da", with a short "a", was originally pronounced in a brief, crisp, insulting manner. The more recent "Valley" pronounciation, "Da-ah", beginning sometime in the 80's draws out the short "a" into almost questioning tone.
by Douglas Boldt July 20, 2005
When a person is stupid, dumb, and careless. (abv. for dumbass).
Brian sure is a DA for setting himself and the house on fire.
by BeauB July 27, 2015
Doaholics Anonymous: A program for PAs no longer at camp. It serves as a support group to help it's members overcome their unhealthy desire to actually do something. If you have a constant feeling that you should be doing something right now instead of relaxing you are probably a doaholic and should consider joining a DA program.
Man, the DA has really changed me. It used to be I couldn't catch a moment's rest or my mind would wander to how I could run check-in better.
by PA Program August 01, 2014
A term of endearment to address one's loving companion in a sweet manner.
Person 1:Hey da I love you

Person 2:o da ur so swede

Person 1: dats ride liddle

Person 2: o da
by satan st.lucifer December 15, 2011
When your in public with a guy (or girl?) and you see a chick with a nice ass you just say "DA" and everybody knows to start looking for "Dat ass" hence the "DA". done best with dark or mirrored sunglasses that cover all of your eyes.
Bob: dude..."DA"

Bill: where?

Bob: there!

Bill: Woah...

Bob: yeah...
by dhanson94 July 08, 2011
Dick Action: a form of dance and movement in which performers pretend to play guitar riffs with their penis.
Whoa, Jamie, so much DA
by RachelShee June 26, 2011
someone who thinks they know what they're doing but doesn't. a real tool. they love that they're a da, you'll see a huge smile from them when you say, "your a da."
that kid is a huge da
by regman17 April 18, 2011

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