A rap group from Detroit also known as the 'Dirty Dozen', 'D-Twizzy' and 'Detroit Twelve'. They rose to fame when one member of the group, Eminem, gained fame and signed them to his record label Shady Records. There were 6 people, all with alter-egos, but one died in 2006. The group was formed when one guy said that the illest rappers in Detroit should join and form a group.

Eminem AKA Slim Shady
Proof AKA Dirty Harry
Bizarre AKA Peter S. Bizarre
Kon Artis AKA Mr. Denaun Porter
Kuniva AKA Rondell Beene
Swift AKA Swifty McVeigh
D12 are the shiznit
by KidKizzet March 03, 2009
D=Dirty and Dozen=12 D12 means Dirty Dozen!!! Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers and Bizarre/Peter S. Bizarre started D12!!! They were originally part of Tha OutSidaz(in eminem debut cd he say's OutSidaz)And then D12 was started!!! Young Zee was a member of Tha OutSidaz is on D12's new cd D12 World(Comercial Break) and has a camio apperance on 40 Oz. video!!!!
D=Dirty and Dozen=12
by AZN T?? May 18, 2004
Idiot. It stands for "Dirty Dozen". Listen to their lyrics.
"Detroit 12" my ass.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 03, 2003
one of the greatest rap groups ever. Im their BIGGEST fan ever
d12's the shit
by Katlyn March 05, 2004
'12 disciples'???? r u kiddin me?? they calld the 'dirty dozen' not 'detroit 12' '12 disciples' or any of that other bullshit.
D12 the fuckin best rap group ever.
by mbo September 14, 2005
D12 are a extremely talented rap group from detroit, michigan. sure eminem is alot more famous than the other members, but they are all as good rappers as each other. except for bizarre, i fucken hate that loser. and D12 stands for "dirty dozen" not "detroit 12" for all u dumb asses out there.
yeah D12 are the shit

R.I.P Proof
by strommerz December 22, 2006
Many people define this D 12, it's a rap group that has Proof, Swift (Used to be bugz), Kuniva, Kon artis, Bizzare and Eminem.
Man, proof raps so much better than Eminem, and still, he gets the credit!!!
by Marbarian December 25, 2004

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