A twelve sided die, usually yellow and the most infrequently used of the D&D dice set.
Pass me the D 12, my barbarian just got a level up.
by Gareth Klieber January 20, 2006
Its a group that consists of Eminem, Bizzare, Proof, Kuniva, Mr Denuan Porter, and Swift. They all have Alter egos that makes up for the other six that was missing.
D12= Dirty Dozen OR D12=Detroit Twelve. It stands for both to all you faggots out there who argue about it over the net with people you dont even fucking know.
by Shady's Baby 03' November 15, 2003
A 12-sided die, used to calculate herds of buffalo and a barbarian's damage in Dungeons and Dragons.
"And I roll 1 D 12 for my herd of buffalo. Pwn'd."
by LaFon February 01, 2006
a great rap group made up of 6 members with their alter egos making the extra 6. they threaten and diss almost anybody. i think d12 stands for the 12 disciples???
d12 is da only rap group i would listen to. they dont sound wimpy when they bitch
by fuyu no kaze May 09, 2005
A very talented rapper and five other black guys that carry his luggage.
Did you pick up the new D12 cd? Ya, me niether.
by Calvin March 18, 2005
Is code word for when you have to take a crap so big that you almost knock the toilet off of it's moorings.
I gotta go D 12, get me another beer.
by P.J. Sodaski January 09, 2006
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