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you and your partner get completely naked and you stand over her on the bed while she is lying down you jump real high and slam down on her with the penis going directly in the vagina! (OUCH)
I gave Jenny a D-bomb yesterday and im hurtin!
by Zachary Goot February 04, 2005
1) Action preformed by partners when having sexual intercourse. Both are naked and male is at a standing position while female is undernearth laying down. Male then leaps as high as he can and as he is coming down turns his body paralell with female so that he may aim his penis to enter the females vagina.

2) (On Black Berry Messenger) A message is recieved but the conversation is not opened then the reciever ends the unopened convo. This leaves the sender awaiting the reciever to actually open and read the convo, but that will not happen since has already been ended on the recievers phone. This act tends to be done to annoying and unwanted people.
1) Charlie and Abi wanted to try something more interesting while having sex so they started doing d-bombs.

2) Abi d-bombs many people becaue she thinks the bomb.

1&2) Charlie and Abi d-bombed every conversation on their bbm list so that they would have no distractions while they preformed d-bombs.
by Dr. C. Michaelson August 09, 2011
Seen commonly throughout college campuses, house parties, and clubs; D bombing is when you walk up to a girl on the dance floor and start kissing her without warning.
"Wait so how did they meet?"
"One night he just d bombed her."
by Billy Rooney January 21, 2010
When an area wasn't full of douches a few minutes ago but is now.
1: Dude somone dropped a total d-bomb here!
2: IKR!
by Bobbm112 February 09, 2012
A slang term for when one has diarrhea. To drop a D-Bomb.
Hey, Morgan, I got to go drop a D-bomb. I'll be back.
by John St. Johnson September 15, 2011
another term for diarrhea bomb. explosive diarrhea
i dropped a d-bomb in the toilet yesterday and my ass is still burning today.
by squilliam November 17, 2006
Walking up to a girl and kissing her without warning
Hey I d-Bombed Sally last night
Wtf dude she's gonna kill you
by Fatmaneatingchicken April 11, 2012
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