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short for Dayton rims
homie1: Damn nigga, look at that 64' on D's
homie2: Aw shit! im bout to hit a mothafuckin lick on that nigga
by Avin March 05, 2005
Dayton Rims. Easilly spotted by the gold spoked rims but there are other styles.
Rich Boy: "Just bought a Cadillac, put some D's on that b*tch"
by biggBen November 24, 2006
Deadstock. Usually referring to shoes; a pair of shoes is considered deadstock when it has never been worn or even tried on. Originally meaning "discontinued style," the term has evolved into a different meaning.
VDS- very deadstock
NDS- near deadstock
VNDS... and so on
should I buy those on ebay? they look ds to me
by bobby darin December 14, 2005
The newest handheld from Nintendo seen as Nintedo's answer to Sony's PSP, not the next in the Gameboy series. Has two screens, can display 3D, visuals has Wi-Fi capabilities and the bottom screen is touch sensitive. Is compatible with Gameboy Advanced games but not Gameboy/Gameboy Colour games. see: Nintendo DS
The Nintendo DS will compete with the PSP for supremacy in the handheld market.
by Pseudonym November 17, 2004
The popular rims which were used in the 90's. Daytons (Known for spoked or whired wheels).
Mentioned in rap songs by Mobile, Alabama native Rich Boy, and Dem Franchize Boyz - Ridin Rims."We stopped ridin d's in 99"
by Marco "AmP" Restrepo June 09, 2006
An astonishing, innovative handheld developed by Nintendo which combines and integrates concepts from a PDA and previous handhelds to produce a new method of playing games.

The system houses a dual set of screens, with one being standard LCD and one touch-sensitive and also has a built-in microphone and Wi-Fi capabilities.

It is often rejected by those overly concerned with the glitz and glamour of multi-functionality over creativity, although many are unaware that it is compatible with the inexpensive GBA player device, which allows it to play audio and video files and read e-books.
Informed Gamer: Who cares about a hundred pointless media features (when there are half a dozen portable media players on the market) when I can interact with games like never before on my DS?
by Reju January 03, 2006
"D's" pronounced (dee's). Early in the words meaning, "D's", "Dubs", and "44's"four-fò's were all references to the number 22, which in the late 90's and later refers to automobile wheel (or "rim") diameter. 22" is 6 to 10 inches larger than the average rim diameter. This extra margin of length provides external reference to person's wealth. Later, "dub's" or "d's" evolved simply as a reference to oversized wheel diameters. Diameters currently span as large as 40" in the continuing effort for individuals to show marginal length over the common man. This is consistent with the historical recurring theme that wealth can be measured by quality or size of wheels. Interestingly during the 1990's and late 1980's trends began with undersized rims, spanning from 8" to 10" total diameter. Reasons for this change are unknown. In the song "throw some D's" they discuss the apogee of ghetto prestige by showing that Richboy, the singer of said song, is able to obtain whatever wheels he so desires. Further other people should be so lucky as to achieve his socioeconomic stature.
"Throw some D's (on that cad)"
by Christiaan Best April 12, 2007
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