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Highly homosexual superhero who sucks big hairy genitals.
Superpowers: pronounced homosexuality, likes men.
Usage:Cwiis saved the day by fluffing the actor who was going limp.
He acted so stupid, he is almost a Cwiiis.
by xnerp November 27, 2003
(n) highly homosexual individual, sexually tilts towards molestation of dead russian men
cwiiis, you are SO gay with Joseph Stalin
by jonas November 27, 2003
A man who has come to enjoy all that is homosexual in life and is proud to show it with the wearing of traditional homesexual garb such as hawaiian shirts, and folk songs such as in the navy.
I am a cwiis and henceforth I am proud to be wearing this camp shirt whilst indulging in sodomy with Turkish men.
by Big Bubba December 01, 2003
The term cwiis refers to a modern day pirate, who is interested in sailing the 7 seas, looking to corrupt whole vessels of upstanding seamen. The man can often be seen to be using camp innuendo, whilst trying to seduce a poor scurvy ridden cabin boy.
Arr me hearties I be cwiis, and I want to c seamen stains in me galley before dawn.
by Big Bubba December 01, 2003

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