16 definitions by jonas

dried blood around the lips of a vagina

also the worst word in the english language
Ronnie is a cuntscab for stealing my $20

Kelly had cuntscabs after that rough night in the sack
by Jonas March 28, 2004
fat upper pussy area
Matt Sloyballs has a FUPA because his pussy smells like skunky hippopotomous.
by Jonas August 27, 2003
Fred Durst formed Limp Bizkit in 1994. He was upped into the business by friends KoRn.

Judged by many people and classed as a "prick". Fred's ego may be big, but he is a nice guy.
Guy: Fred Durst is pretty awesome.
by Jonas January 19, 2005
2 young street fighting agents with a tendancy to smoke a lot of weed, thus giving them super stoner powers
i would have got away with it too, if it wasnt for that fucking Cunty & Ballsack
by Jonas March 03, 2005
I och för sig, a swedish abbrevation for actually
Det är iofs rätt kul
by Jonas January 27, 2005
a nickname for jonas amos. also a known website (www.jonuts.com) that features anything from cars, to music, to porn. enjoy
jonuts all up in your mouth
by jonas October 25, 2004
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