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The act of cupping a pungent fart in the palm of your hand. Then presenting it to the nearest persons face and opening your hand, so the fart is released directly under the targets nose.
Other variations include farting in a buscuit tin and quickly shutting the lid. Leaving a viscous mantrap for the next buscuit nibbler.
A fathers favourite for his own children's visiting school friends. (See my brother in law)
"Want a buscuit?...Aaargh!, you dirty *%!!!, you just cupcaked me.
A firm favouite for people who have just started seeing each other.
- see also: Dutch oven

by Ali Bongo. October 24, 2007
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When a male finishes on a females face and throws a handful of sprinkles on it while yelling "cupcake"!
After giving me a blowjob, I cupcaked her with rainbow sprinkles.
by DyslexicMonkey1 October 05, 2012
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When a girl gets back handed in her vagina.
Ouch! My vagina hurts because I just got cupcaked! And I didn't even get any frosting!
by sprinkleface June 01, 2010
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An Information Technology (IT) term synonymous with "fubar", "blown up", "crashed", "shat itself", "bombed out", etc, referring to the failure of an IT hardware or software component. Generally used as a polite and non-alarming way of informing the customer that the system is, in fact, hosed.

Due the negative nature of most IT disasters and the associated negative terminology thereof, many customers may like their minds put at ease through the use of "nicer" terminology.

I'm sorry to tell you that this server is completely cupcaked; the motherboard is fried and we can't find a replacement.

The software installer cupcaked so we'll have to start over with a fresh image.

Flashing the rom on this old controller could be dangerous, let's just hope it doesn't cupcake!
by The-Real-BOFH January 11, 2012
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Having Large Boobs and/or A Big Ass or Just being thick
Man,Shes Cupcaked up?

Shes Cupcaked as Hell!
by Cupcake Jones February 16, 2010
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