A sports team that's not very good.
"That team's not a contender, they're a cupcake."

"Of course they're undefeated, they play Cupcake State every week!"

"It's an entire division full of cupcakes"
by Krustov November 22, 2011
A way of referencing a the actions one may do to a female. Originates from the saying "girls are like cupcakes: you lick the top and eat the bottom". It can be used in several grammatical forms.
"dude, I really want a cupcake"
"I'd eat that girl like a cupcake"
"I went on a date with a hot cupcake last night"
by randomveghead November 02, 2011
A cute girl who has a larger than life frame. She tends to be fun loving, risk taking, and just loves life! While she is sometimes judged on her size, a cupcake is really an awesome person when people get passed her. Cupcakes actually look really very good with a beanpole
Oh my God Jen! Ever since you started dating Eric you've become such a cupcake!
by lynnajenn21 June 07, 2011
A cupcake is NOT a muffin my friend. There is a distinct difference!! A cupcake is a cake baked in a cup. However, it is not just cake in a cup; If I were to stuff a slice of cake into a coffee cup that wouldn't make it a cupcake. That would make it a slice of cake in a coffee cup.
The real question is not what is a cupcake, it is what is a muffin?! Is a muffin a fin in a muff?!?
Cherry baked cupcakes by pouring the batter into little cups and baking them in the oven.
It tasted like a cake, not a muffin, so she put frosting on it.
by Superior Simi February 17, 2010
To move footlessly into a room with intent to harm.
"Die snake, you shall not cupcake into my bed to kill me ever again!"

"After coming to life and deciding it was kill or be killed, the radioactive tasty treat cupcaked into the room, paring knife held loosely in it's buttercream, ready to attack."
by slee June 04, 2013
a man that is very feminine. He is close to questionably gay, but is for sure bi. Likes Apple products, tanning and more stuff that mostly very girly men like.
Isaac went tanning 6 time this week to get a 'base' for spring break 3 weeks away, what a cupcake!
by drzap February 23, 2012
oral sex.
Gerard likes it when Sara gives him a cupcake after a long, hard day.

It really puts Sara in the mood to make love when Gerard gives her a cupcake first.
by Bass Kitty December 04, 2011

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