Thought to have been originally coined by Kira D. and Careese B. of Cambridge, MA, "Cupcake" refers to a chubby girl one might see at a bar or out-and-about whom is dressed inappropriately for a girl her size.

There are various sub-groups and classifications including "with frosting" (too much make-up,) and "sprinkles" (stupid sparkly make-up."

Cupcake tends to refer to one certain type of girl. Some slight variations including "Muffin" or "Bran-Muffin" refer to once again a chubby or think girl, this time of the nerdy variety, one whom you may come across at a library or a hipster bar, perhaps even a dungeons and dragons game or LARPing (if you are a girl reading this and know what LARPing is you are probably a muffin...

One may be tempted to use "Cupcake" incorrectly in reference to a fat girl, however a more widely accepted modification is "Pound Cake," which once again can have "Frosting."

Again, another modification which you may hear used is "Banana Bread," referring to usually a "muffin" who is a bit of a whore. I.E. she is full of rotten bananas.
Look at that frosted cupcake over there. Muffins are just capcake haters. I can't believe he showed up to the party with a cupcake as his date! It feels like a bakery in here. Why do cupcakes always come in 6-packs, one is enough!
by puzzleboston April 19, 2011
When you fart in your hand and then give it to someone.
Hey man want some of my cupcakes. It has turd sprinkles.
by ilovecaca February 13, 2011
being really cheap and gay.
a homosexual with an inhuman tendency to lend money and then ask back ten times the amount.
A faggot, cheapskate, curmudgeon, niggard (also heavily racist), penny pincher, piker, scrooge, skinflint or tightwad (calls himself tightass) is a person who is reluctant to spend money, sometimes to the point of forgoing even basic comforts and some necessities as well as offering obscene favors especially to the members of the same sex.

Note: Do not throw money at a cup cake in anger. He will simply put it in his pocket.
sukul: get the fuck outta here! and you owe me Rs. 3000.

homeless guy: but i've never met you before!? what a fuckin cup cake! go do both your dads!

Guy: "hey man long ti-"
sukul: call me back i'm outta balance.
guy: hello? yeah how you doing buddy?
sukul: shut up fag. you owe me Rs. 2000 from school.
guy: "stupid fucking cup cake! that was 2 years ago! go do both your dads!
by i256too December 06, 2010
when a bald-headed person inserts his/her head into a vagina, and the owner of the vagina creams all over the bald head, such that the ejaculate resembles vanilla frosting on a cupcake
Natalie Portman stuck her head up my pussy and I was so turned on that I made cupcake.

Yo, I seen yo' man last night- I made cupcake like he neva fuhget.

Nothing Compares to Sinead O'Connor's creamy coochy cupcake.

"C" is for cupcake and it's good enough for me!
by MuzziMay February 28, 2010
To pay more attention to your girlfriend, or any "non-slut," over your friends. Variation: crossing the principle of "bros before hoes"
King of Cupcakes: AJ

by af08 October 27, 2006
A Yay Area term for flirting
D'Antae & Miya need to quit CupCakin'
by D-ROC March 07, 2005
A two faced conniving fat bitch who acts nice but will cut her own mother's heart out and feed it to her to better her reputation or just fun. Her reasons are usually unknown and is often referred to with a much more explicit word.
Can you believe what she told the boss to get that promotion? What a cupcake!
by down with cupcakes October 29, 2013

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