A slang term used for female breasts.
Arent you afraid your cupcakes might slide out of that outfit?
by M3D13V4L August 08, 2008
A person who is extremely flirtatious with another.
That man Jordan is always on that girl, he's such a cupcake.
by Adam24 May 25, 2006
a fat boy that everyone picked on at school. they generally only have one nipple and call there girl friend chicka or similar
oi boys look at the cupcake over there.
by what _cunt??? March 23, 2009
A fat female that dresses her self as if to make up for the fact she is fat.
"Why would janice wear such a tight shirt? She is so large."

"Well she is just being a cupcake"
by Ashton Tibbs May 26, 2009
the act of cupping one's hands around the anus sphincter when a fart is released; upon release the person transfers the cupcaked flatulence in his/her hand and puts it in someone's face.
Greg was getting ready to cupcake Pete.
by Paul March 23, 2004
To brew a fart into your cupped hands and then transfer it to the face of an unsuspecting victim, blanketing them face in the rich smell of your inner sphincter.
I cupcaked Sam. He vomitted from the putrid smell of my tainted asshole.
by Casanova M-Baby June 16, 2007
Fuck all the other definitions this is the real cup cake; Fartin In to a 'Cupped' Hand and whilst the 'Arse Breath' Is Still in the hand, Letting the gas go in someones face!!
'Oh, You Little Bastard You Just Fuckin Cup Caked Me! Im Gonna Beat The Shit Out Of You!!!'
by Ben Norman June 13, 2006

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