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The female version of Bros before Hoes. Used by women as meaning all female friends come before sex/hookups/bfs.
No i'm going to hang with my girls today. Chicks before Dicks anytime.
by Amelia Dutch April 08, 2006
Here's one for the girls!You know how the guys always stick together,back eachother up and then use that awful phrase "bros before hoes" well here's our answer to that girls!
Amy: "you didn't just tell that boyfriend of yours what i just did....did ya?"
Kelly: "hell no! chicks before dicks..remember!!"
by naimii April 10, 2008
Used to counter "bros before hos" when the "bro" in question is a jerk and the "ho" is a cool chick.
Some dude: "Hey - bros before hos, man"

You: "Yeah, but chicks before dicks"
by jk_ November 21, 2007
for girls to always choose your girlfriends before your boyfriend
friend1: "won't your boyfriend get upset"

friend2: "he knows my friends are before him"
by devilish bonbon May 04, 2005
the female equivalent of "bros before hos"
"Richard wants to hook up with me, but his ex-girlfriend's my best friend... so I mean... chicks before dicks, right?"
by Majestic Asia Crane October 16, 2009
a cute play on "bros before hos" but considering girls are all pretty shitty friends to each other with fake responses and perpetual shittalking, the phrase is useless.
Beth: Hey Sara, dont worry, Todd is such a serious jerk, you deserve so much better than him. Btw omg that dress looks so cute on you!

Sara: Aw thanks beth, that really means a lot.

Beth: Totally, girl. Chicks before dicks!

(ps Beth is fucking Todd)
by aj901 December 20, 2012
Opposite of "bros before hoes"
I believe I came up with "chicks before dicks" as I have never heard it anywhere else.
by I am Lisa April 23, 2007