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A portmanteau of "cunt" and "underling" - it is used to describe a female (or possibly a male) who operates as a subordinate for someone who is ostensibly considered a "cunt", and who shares the cunt-like qualities of their superior.
Too bad that 'Dear Abby' has her team of cuntlings that read all her mail for her; I'd really give her a piece of my mind.
by D. Wick August 21, 2008
a small, irritating child with the propensity for being annoyingly fucking loud, getting in the fucking way and generally existing within the parameters of any of one of one's five senses.
Alec: "I hate shopping in Asda. The place is always full of cuntlings."
Gracia: "Aye. Fucking cuntlings...Fucking Tesco as well."
by noahmurney October 12, 2009

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