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a small, irritating child with the propensity for being annoyingly fucking loud, getting in the fucking way and generally existing within the parameters of any of one of one's five senses.
Alec: "I hate shopping in Asda. The place is always full of cuntlings."
Gracia: "Aye. Fucking cuntlings...Fucking Tesco as well."
by noahmurney October 12, 2009
A Purple Berliner is a double ended dildo. It is the usual choice of closet lesbians who get drunk and bang the fuck out of one another.
'C' and 'J', after getting hammered on red wine, ended up in bed together fucking in unison with a big Purple Berliner
by noahmurney October 20, 2009
A Catapult Of Love is when a guy tries to impress his new girlfriend by using his erect penis to 'catapult' things about his bedroom.
While lying on his back the guy bends his penis backwards, loads a small object on his knob and then fires the object to the delight of his new shag.
Also known as a 'Bean Flipper'.
Bob was pleased when he managed to fire a small grape a considerable distance across his bedroom by using his Catapult Of Love.
by noahmurney November 17, 2009

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