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The feeling you get when something is so incredibly embarassing and/or retarded, you have to avoid making contact or avert your attention with it or else taking the risk of feeling like a total loser-douche.
From some shitty teen movie, popularized by the latenight Washington Area radio show "The Hideout Featuring El Jefe and J Dubs"
by Offbeat December 01, 2004
Abbreviation of "Armitage Shanks" (popular brand of bathroom appliance including showers) meaning: to have a shower and a wank.
Theres no privacy, I had to have an armitage mate.
by Offbeat July 29, 2004
The name given to the amount of times one's vision is multiplied when extremely drunk.
"I'm seeing double mate" "Fuck that I'm seeing cuntle!"
by Offbeat March 23, 2005
Meaning to have a shit, derived from the song "Daddy Cool". Usually accompanied by a rendition of the song with altered lyrics.
I need a Daddy Stool... "Daddy - Daddy Stool!"
by Offbeat July 29, 2004
A. To throw up

B. To refrain from participation
A. "He's had 10 pints i think he's gonna pike!"

B. "Don't stay at home you piker, come out!"
by Offbeat October 25, 2003
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